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Williams Capital ...

is a family office established in 1990. We are active investors in closely-held and family owned/operated enterprises. As Private Equity investors, we focus on sector specific investment strategies with long time horizons. Corporate and family governance is a cornerstone of our mission and we are focused on generational preservation and growth of family capital and financial assets.

The Mission

Our mission is to help our members and partners succeed generationally through sound long term investing and planning. We have partnered and worked with families that are in their first few generations of wealth as well as families that have been established for many, many decades. In an extreme instance, one family has more than 30 generations of history, dating back a millennium!

Our Specialities


Our breadth of experience spans the financial industry, particularly alternative assets including traditional private equity fund management to real estate investment companies.

Private Enterprise

We have also been directly involved with and advised Closely-held Enterprises and Ultra High Net Worth families.


Our professional knowledge ranges from private equity fund management, merchant banking, corporate governance specialists and enterprise ownership and management.


Our decades of relational expertise and role as a trusted professionals and investment partners has put us in positions of leadership with significant fiduciary responsibility with the organizations we have managed and the families with whom we have partnered.

we do...

We help our partners in ways they often don't expect.

First, we are people oriented and relationship driven. When we are working together, you will know who we know. Our network is extensive and gives us the advantge in making sure the right people meet, regardless of the challenge.

Second, we will bring all of our resources to bear in order to achieve success in each and every situation.

we are...

We live by a few critical tenets.

  • Wisdom
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Partnership
  • Excellence
  • Privacy

While we hope that everyone strives for these qualities, we make it our personal responsibility to practice them each day.

Family Held Enterprises
Privately Owned Businesses

Challenges Arise
Prepared Families Endure
Future Generations Thrive

How do we help the family owned businesses that we work with in developing stategic and capital strategies?

Private Capital

We source, structure and manage private capital investments. We also engage with 3rd party financiers that offer comprehensive capital solutions.


We provide guidance in Board formation and ongoing management. This includes Family Office and Corporate Boards


Is achieved through the deliberate and persistant application of:

Intellectual Capital

Relational Capital

Financial Capital

Integration of all these resources is critical for optimization of short and long term strategies and solutions to the challenges/opportunities present.

Opportunity & Risk

“Chance favors the prepared…”

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…”

We have all heard these sayings before but they are not to be taken lightly. And this is because these two most basic elements of life and business are always the most difficult to balance.

We seek this balance through the persistent and deliberate application of relational, intellectual and physical/financial capital.


"The greatest risk that any family business will face emanates from people. Mitigating this primal & opaque risk starts with trusted relationships."


We have always been advocates of strong corporate governance practices. Mr. Williams has significant experience as a Director of numerous private companies and nonprofit organizations. Adherence to the sound rules of corporate governance always contribute significantly to the success of the organizations that practice them. The experience of just one independent director can dramatically improve the odds of success and lower the risk within a business.

Private Equity

Mr. Williams has been the Managing Partner of several private equity funds and a Partner in more than a dozen funds. Over the past 35 years, more than 3,000 investment opportunities have been reviewed resulting in over 50 individual company investments.

3rd Party Financing

In addition to our private equity activities, we have been engaged in merchant banking services including the arrangement bank, mezzanine and equity financing for our business partners. This has also often been accompanied by negotiations for mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations and restructurings. $1.5 billion in total financing has been arranged and placed for privately owned enterprises over the last two decades.

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